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Garver Brothers Burns, I’m Sad.

arson at garver brothers store


Unbelievable.  The face of my hometown was changed forever last night, as a local landmark building burned to the ground.  It was a 6-alarm blaze with more than 15 departments called.  I didn’t even know a 6-alarm fire existed.

The old Garver Bros. store had been standing there since 1866.   It’s a tiny town, and this was the largest building in it.  It was converted to an antique store/flea market long ago, and had a small collection of old town memorabilia on the second floor. When I was a kid, it was the best place to find plastic necklace charms and jelly bracelets.

A few months ago I went to the weekly Sunday flea market for the first time in years, in search of some “projects-to-be”.  I didn’t find what I was looking for, but did find some electric train cars, a collection of old postage stamps, and some great old sheet music to take home with me.  I spent a little time up in the museum area looking through the pieces and enjoying the history.  I hadn’t been up there before, and I’m now glad I took those extra few minutes.

Between this fire, and the demolition of the old school building where I spent all of my K-12 years, the landscape of my little town is sure going to look different when I next visit.  And while it isn’t where I’ve chosen to live now, I can appreciate how it shaped my perspective of the world.  Some of my greatest friends to this day were made during those years.

Sure, the downtown area can be rebuilt.  The school already has been remodeled and updated for the needs of the kids who are there now.  The new building is creating great memories for those kids.  The block will evolve and hopefully bring in new business and opportunity.  But for those of us who started out as or still are “small-towners” it’s a big hit to the gut.  Maybe it’s the idea that “home” has always been constant and unchanging.

I’m  sad at hearing the news.   I’m guessing there will be a bit of shock when I finally see the empty spaces.  And I’m angry at the thought of some nimrod (the nicest word I can think of ) burning it down on purpose.   I hope the community can join together to create something positive from this.

So many thoughts swirling today…




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Beach Vacation Out-take #1

Or otherwise titled:  How many photos am I going to have to take to get ONE suitable for a Christmas Card?

Yes, there are at least 20 more shots in this spot alone where at least one of these little hooligans has his/her tongue sticking out, eyes crossed, fingers rabbit-ear-style behind someone else’s head, or is otherwise annoying the daylights out of a sibling.

I’d like to think they’ll grow out of it, but somehow, I don’t think so.

Until next time…

August 6, 2010 at 6:58 pm 1 comment

Thinking INSIDE the box–A duck habitat diorama.

When I was in first grade, we happily learned our alphabet via The Letter People, and accomplished other amazing tasks like jumping rope across the playground at recess.  (uphill both ways!)

Fast forward *ahemwaytoomanyyearsahem* and first graders are writing 2 page stories and reports about animals with accompanying habitats.   Of course, we found out about this habitat half way to it’s due date, thanks to unchecked Friday Folders over spring break, but that’s another point entirely.

I think she did pretty well (insert parental bias here).  Not only did she research the mallard duck habitat, she also decided to insert depictions of facts she learned about the ducks into the project.

There are no male ducks anywhere to be found in this habitat “because it is spring (note the flowering spring tree) and the drakes fly away after the moms lay the eggs”

All the ducks are painted as accurately as a first grader can, and the duck dabbling for food can just be seen behind the mama duck’s head in this photo.

And the nesting duck can be removed to show the 1-13 eggs that are laid in the grass-lined nest.

Aside from the scooping of the Styrofoam, the molding of the birds and a quick tree painting tutorial, she did it all herself.  Crafty and detail oriented.  That’s my girl!

Until next time…

April 23, 2010 at 4:18 pm 3 comments

Writing my name in the dust–part 1

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?   About as long as it has been since I dusted the top of my TV cabinet.  I could write my name there, too.  🙂

In the interest of catching up as soon as possible, I’ll give the “short, short version” of the happenings here at Chez Schauer.

October brought the end of kids sports.  While we love watching them play, juggling baseball, soccer and cheerleading was practically an event of its own.  It was refreshing to be able to take a breath without having to run off somewhere armed with chairs, coolers, and gear.   I can’t imagine what it will be like when kid #3 starts playing too.

Thanks to my Mom, the kids were outfitted well for Halloween once again.   She spent hours creating costumes and the kids loved them!  We had an Annakin, a Darth Vader, and a Sleeping Beauty.

And this little number was lots of fun.  I’m the Swine Flu.  Plus, any costume that lets me wear long johns, a pink sweat suit and fuzzy crocs is a hit in my book!

Only a week later, we had a new addition to the family.  We went from thinking about getting a puppy next spring, to bringing home Kona in a very short three weeks!  Just when we thought diapers and babyproofing were behind us, we moved into house training and puppy proofing.  We must have been insane!  She’s a doll though, and a great puppy.

Here’s a shot right after bringing her home:

She’s now up to a whopping 4.5 lbs.

I’m also gearing up for my first major showing at the CHA winter show in January.  I’ve committed to sharing a booth for the entire show with a fellow designer along with my usual showcase table.  I’ll be in the License and Design Section, booth # 2639.  More on that coming soon.

Did the puppy destroy the house? …Did the Schauers get the real swine flu?  Is Carla ready for the January show?  Tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion…  🙂

Until next time,

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Random Photo Share Wednesday

Here are a few more photos from the memory cards I downloaded a couple days ago.  Technically, they’re not perfect, but I love them anyway.

Here’s another from the race.  The headsets with the microphones were a big hit.  That’s my mom wearing the other ultra-fashionable head accessory.


Yes, this is a photo from last year’s family beach vacation.  Yes, I just downloaded it.  No, I have no excuse.   The boys still let me dress them alike, and this was just post-hair-donation.


And the last just cracks me up.  Covered with sand, running full-tilt, giant grin on his face.  That’s my boy!


That’s all for today, I’m swamped!

Until next time…

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Creative Mess

And by mess, I truly mean MESS.   That’s right, all caps.

For the last few weeks I’ve been knee-deep in the craziness that happens when a home-remodeling project coincides with a big deadline.    So there is mess in the construction zone, mess in the craft cave, and a big mess in my brain.

Our new floors are finally installed.  (Hooray!)  We took out all the carpet and 20 yr old parquet flooring on our main floor and replaced it with a stranded bamboo plank.   I love it!    It updates our ’80s house tremendously.    However, everything that used to be in the toy, china, and crystal cabinets (and anything else that was small enough to be carried) now resides in our master bedroom.  Who knows when it will return to its proper home.    What a mess!

I’ve also been working on some projects for Clearsnap, a fabulous company whose products I’ve been using for years.   I had the opportunity to be introduced to them at the winter CHA show, and they are as wonderful as their products.   With all the construction and those wild steroid side effects, I was a manic stamper.  The result?  Utter destruction of the Craft Cave.

I’m not one of those highly efficient people who must return each and every craft supply to its proper home and wipe all traces of the current project from my desk before beginning a new project.   Instead, I toss all craft debris off to the side or onto the most convenient, least cluttered surface, leaving me a progressively smaller workspace in which to create.   At the end of the creative streak, I triumphantly cross off the last project on my list, take a deep satisfied breath, and lift my head.

Then I make a face not unlike that of the kid from “Home Alone”.    What a mess!

As for my brain, well, it’s always a mess.

What I could really use is a magic lamp, a genie, and 3 wishes.   Ahh, all my mess problems solved.

Until next time…

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Hoping the “flitting” is gone.


Poor neglected blog!

I’ve been bouncing around like a gnat on caffeine these last few weeks, flitting here and there doing everything and nothing all at once.    I’ve been on a 2 week steroid pack for poison oak I managed to find while geocaching, despite looking carefully.

I realized, while taking the pack, that my brain functions in slow, methodical processes.   I like to take my time and make sure a task is completed thoroughly before I move to the next one.   While this method has it’s imperfections (ie.  the long list of uncompleted tasks always waiting their turns), I can be sure that my current task will be completed well.

But for the last 2 weeks, I have been experiencing life as a “flitter”.   From a land somewhere beyond my comprehension, this “flitting” took over my brain, and turned me into a mess of random chaos.

Put away glass…see water spot…water…laundry…add load to washer…see random toy, take to kid’s bedroom…notice stray shoe, take to closet…”hey, how did that get here”…”I should take down the shelf in the dining room”…walk through the kitchen, see the dishwasher still open and full…

Definitely NOT my usual nature, and it drove me crazy.  I’m glad it’s done and my regular brain has returned to it’s plodding, sedate pace.   Welcome back sanity!

Until next time…

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