Totally Random Monday Afternoon

April 20, 2009 at 4:23 pm 2 comments

I’m still trying to catch up around here.  It’s amazing that 3 weeks of being sick can mean almost double that in catch-up time.   My “to-do” list is out of control.   Since the last time I made it here:

  • I finished a magazine assignment
  • “Mount Laundry” is no smaller than when I started washing it.   (How do all these clothes get so dirty this fast, anyway?)
  • We went to our hometown for Easter to do some family visiting.
  • The kids participated in no less than 3 egg hunts while we were there.   We will still have candy left next Easter.
  • I have not yet stooped to secretly stealing my favorites from the kids’ baskets.  My own stash is still being carefully rationed.
  • I’m steadily planning our Disney vacation, even though it’s not for months.    I’ll be going non-stop leading up to the departure, so it’s now or never for the planning stage.
  • Kid 3 has successfully stayed dry since awakening this morning.
  • I’ve been changing diapers for almost 9 years straight.
  • Our old dinosaur computer finally gave up while I was sick.   PSA:  automatic backups only work if the old pc transmits the info to the backup hard drive.   Lesson learned.  Pictures were recovered, but emails from the end of Jan. to mid-March are gone.
  • Cool file of my work to be seen in stores soon has disappeared because of the aforementioned crash.    Luckly the Clearsnap folks are top-notch, so I think I can get another copy.  I’ll post when I get it again
  • No fewer than 3 people ran by my window this morning in the drizzly rain.   Since my Chiari 1 malformation diagnosis in September, I now understand it doesn’t hurt everyone else to run.  But seriously, I can’t understand the pleasure of getting soaking wet while I exercise.
  • Rain has broken for a bit, so I’m taking the kids on a walk.  I should have started my 30 Day Shred workout today, but I’m feeling too lazy.   At least I’m getting outside, right?  And I won’t be wet.

Until next time…


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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Kim  |  April 21, 2009 at 8:03 am

    I’m a bad mama – no Easter Egg hunts this year. Oh, we didn’t go see Santa either! I will do better next year!

  • 2. janebretl  |  April 23, 2009 at 1:21 pm

    Good to have you back! I always enjoy reading,


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