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Back from the CHA Summer Show

Why yes, I do remember I have a blog!  Not that you’d be able to tell from looking at it.  The blog guilt has been eating me alive!

I took a little break to finish up the school year and have some fine family fun during the summer, but as the kids gear up to return to school (AAK! -Already?) I’m gearing up to return to the internet.

Those of you who are crafters may know that the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) held its summer trade show in Chicago last week.  I normally work the show in some capacity as a freelance designer, and this year was no different.  I had the opportunity to demonstrate the new Designer Foils, Design Adhesives, and Archival Dye Inks for Clearsnap.  Can I tell you how incredibly wonderful it is to work in the Clearsnap booth?   It is truly a great company filled with great people (and great products!).

Have you ever volunteered for something, only to think immediately “Yikes! What have I just done?”  I did that this week too.

I had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany Windsor, host of Cool2Craft, in Chicago as well.  When she had an unexpected cancellation in her Thursday show line-up and came to Clearsnap to fill it, guess who offered to help.   Yes, the person who hates the sound of her own voice volunteered to broadcast it live for 8 minutes. Many thanks to Lisa Fulmer for putting me at ease!

My Cool2Craft Clearsnap Foil Segment is about 32:00 minutes into the show.

I also taught three class sessions in the Clearsnap booth.  We created a 6×6″ mini scrapbook page filled with stamping, heat embossing, glitter, Smooch Illuminate, Design Adhesives, and a host of other things.  I wanted to make sure everyone left having experienced a variety of techniques and products.  The classes were videotaped, and will be edited down to a short demonstration to appear on Clearsnap’s website.  I’ll be sure to link when it is available, assuming I can stand to link to my own voice again.  🙂

Also thanks to Lisa for taking one of the only photos of me at the show (Demo-ing for Clearsnap at Peterson-Arne).  For the first time ever, I didn’t bring my camera to the show.  I think I took a few on my iphone, but those were mostly with friends.  I came home thinking there wasn’t much that caught my eye, and as I looked around at other designer’s blogs I realized why.  There was an influx of vintage at this show.  And while I appreciate vintage, I don’t like working with it much.  I’m more of a bold and bright girl than a soft and frilly one.

I lean more toward the bright geometrics of the new Echo Park collections and Jillibean Soup’s Atomic Soup collection.  These two companies managed to stop me in my tracks and take a second look.  And frankly, Atomic Soup is the kind of line a nerdy girl with two biology degrees and a career in crafting can really get behind!

And of course, I loved seeing all my designer buddies again.  The show is never long enough to really catch up the way I’d like.  And thanks to all those wonderful designers who taught the Monday education classes, I’m excited about taking a new fork in the road!

That’s it for now,

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Sizzix ScoreBoards Blog Hop–Rectangle Box

It’s Sizzix ScoreBoards blog hopping time again, this time featuring an adorable rectangle box with a lid!  My friend and ScoreBoards designer Eileen Hull sent me this sweet little box to work with and my brain started racing with possibilities.

The box measures 3 3/8″ x 1 3/4″ x 1 7/8″ when it is assembled, which makes it a great size for all sorts of things.  While I could have filled it with candies or other treats as a favor box, or kept it for the doodads that collect on my dresser (I was tempted!), I decided it would become an extra-special gift box for the earrings I made for a friend’s birthday.

I wanted to give the box a metallic look with a little bit of texture, so I used Watermark ink, a stamping wheel and clear embossing powder from Clearsnap to emboss a circle design onto the box.   After heat setting, I used a paintbrush to rub in Antique Silver Pearl-Ex powder and give the metallic sheen.  What I failed to consider, however, is how the metallic would photograph.  Whoops!  It looks fantastic, trust me!   The feet are beads, attached with glue to each corner, and the sentiment is stamped and embossed.

I was super-happy with the dry embossing on the lid that I did using the Sizzix Dots embossing folder and my Big Shot. I’ve never tried dry embossing mat board before, and the results were fantastic.  I love it when that happens!  A quick embellishment cluster of a printed sentiment, a glittered bookplate and leaf, and a Prima flower finished off the top of the box perfectly.  I used a small velcro dot to secure the lid closed.   Voila!  A special gift box for a special friend!

Don’t forget to hop around to the other artists’ blogs to see the other fabulous takes on Eileen’s ScoreBoards design!  If you enjoyed seeing these ScoreBoard projects on the hop, please leave a comment here or on Eileen Hull’s blog so we know you stopped by.   This makes you eligible for a random drawing for a ScoreBoards die!

See more projects here:

Stop by again for our next hop on May 12, we will be making cakes!

Until next time…

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Liquid Scrap Dots

Welcome to the next step of the Helmar Blog Hop, featuring Helmar Liquid Scrap Dots, a notebook full of dimension, and a chance to win!

I absolutely love Liquid Scrap Dots.  One of the most unique adhesives on the market, it allows me to create unlimited dimension on my projects.  I don’t have to stack anything or be careful where I put glue so it doesn’t hit air.  All I need to do is squeeze out my desired amount of Liquid Scrap dots and stick!  It squishes into all the crevices so I get dimension where I need it.  And once it dries, the embellishments are secure and supported!

I also love notebooks.  Even though much of my life is organized via electronic gadgets, there is still just something about writing in a notebook that makes me happy.  Since it is the first day of spring, I decided to celebrate with a new notebook full of dimension.



  1. Remove covers from notebook.  Cut paper to fit covers, then mark and cut holes for spiral binding.  Glue paper to front and back covers with 450 Quick Dry Adhesive.  Reassemble notebook.
  2. Stamp 5 large flower-print petals in Sour Apple ink, 3 “bloom” printed petals in Coral Red, # medium flower print petals in Moss Green, and 3 small dotted petals in Canary onto white cardstock.  Cut out petals leaving thin white border.
  3. Stamp one stem and 2 swirled circles in Moss Green, and one dotted circle in Sour Apple.  Cut out images.  Cut small rectangle of white cardstock and stamp “smile” in Coral Red.  Edge in Canary.
  4. Arrange largest petals as desired on notebook cover.  Apply thin layer of Liquid Scrap Dots to underside of petals and attach, lifting ~ 1/16 inch.

5.  Repeat step 4 using Coral Red, Moss Green and Canary petals.

    Glue one green swirl circle to center of flower using Liquid Scrap Dots . *note how the Liquid Scrap Dots is able to get into all the layers to support the entire embellishment.  Can’t do that with foam!*

    6.  Use Liquid Scrap Dots to attach flower stem under flower layers.  Layer
    remaining Moss Green circle, Sour Apple dotted circle and sentiment
    rectangle in lower right corner of notebook.

    7.  Cover pen with coordinating paper using 450 Quick Dry Adhesive.

That’s all there is to it!  Strong, easy dimension for any embellishment.  I’ve used Liquid Scrap Dots with paper, wood, metal, chipboard, flowers, clay, and even ribbon.  It has worked wonderfully with everything I’ve tried.

Want to try some yourself?  Leave a comment on this post to be entered into the drawing to win a tube of your own.   I’ll pick a winner on Monday!

Then, hop on over to see what Laura Achilles has in store for the next step! Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time…

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A page for the fluffy one

Even the non-human members of our families need recognition too!

While the photos are piling up, this is the first layout I’ve made about our puppy, Kona, who was a mere 3 lbs. when these were taken.  I used Nikki Sivils paper for a playful look, Clearsnap Smooch Spritz for shimmer, and my trusty Helmar Adhesives to add texture and dimension.

Check out today’s Helmar USA Blog to see how I created this texture:

and this dimension:

and for complete instructions!

Have a great day!

Until next time…

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A Quick “Smooch” for Valentine’s Day

What could be better than a little Valentine’s Day “Smooch”?

This is an 8×8 mini-album page I created for Clearsnap’s 2010 product catalog.  I love using their “Smooch” to give color and shimmer to plain chipboard shapes, in this case, the bookplates and textured heart.

For instructions, check out the Clearsnap Project Page.


Until next time…

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Creative Mess

And by mess, I truly mean MESS.   That’s right, all caps.

For the last few weeks I’ve been knee-deep in the craziness that happens when a home-remodeling project coincides with a big deadline.    So there is mess in the construction zone, mess in the craft cave, and a big mess in my brain.

Our new floors are finally installed.  (Hooray!)  We took out all the carpet and 20 yr old parquet flooring on our main floor and replaced it with a stranded bamboo plank.   I love it!    It updates our ’80s house tremendously.    However, everything that used to be in the toy, china, and crystal cabinets (and anything else that was small enough to be carried) now resides in our master bedroom.  Who knows when it will return to its proper home.    What a mess!

I’ve also been working on some projects for Clearsnap, a fabulous company whose products I’ve been using for years.   I had the opportunity to be introduced to them at the winter CHA show, and they are as wonderful as their products.   With all the construction and those wild steroid side effects, I was a manic stamper.  The result?  Utter destruction of the Craft Cave.

I’m not one of those highly efficient people who must return each and every craft supply to its proper home and wipe all traces of the current project from my desk before beginning a new project.   Instead, I toss all craft debris off to the side or onto the most convenient, least cluttered surface, leaving me a progressively smaller workspace in which to create.   At the end of the creative streak, I triumphantly cross off the last project on my list, take a deep satisfied breath, and lift my head.

Then I make a face not unlike that of the kid from “Home Alone”.    What a mess!

As for my brain, well, it’s always a mess.

What I could really use is a magic lamp, a genie, and 3 wishes.   Ahh, all my mess problems solved.

Until next time…

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Totally Random Monday Afternoon

I’m still trying to catch up around here.  It’s amazing that 3 weeks of being sick can mean almost double that in catch-up time.   My “to-do” list is out of control.   Since the last time I made it here:

  • I finished a magazine assignment
  • “Mount Laundry” is no smaller than when I started washing it.   (How do all these clothes get so dirty this fast, anyway?)
  • We went to our hometown for Easter to do some family visiting.
  • The kids participated in no less than 3 egg hunts while we were there.   We will still have candy left next Easter.
  • I have not yet stooped to secretly stealing my favorites from the kids’ baskets.  My own stash is still being carefully rationed.
  • I’m steadily planning our Disney vacation, even though it’s not for months.    I’ll be going non-stop leading up to the departure, so it’s now or never for the planning stage.
  • Kid 3 has successfully stayed dry since awakening this morning.
  • I’ve been changing diapers for almost 9 years straight.
  • Our old dinosaur computer finally gave up while I was sick.   PSA:  automatic backups only work if the old pc transmits the info to the backup hard drive.   Lesson learned.  Pictures were recovered, but emails from the end of Jan. to mid-March are gone.
  • Cool file of my work to be seen in stores soon has disappeared because of the aforementioned crash.    Luckly the Clearsnap folks are top-notch, so I think I can get another copy.  I’ll post when I get it again
  • No fewer than 3 people ran by my window this morning in the drizzly rain.   Since my Chiari 1 malformation diagnosis in September, I now understand it doesn’t hurt everyone else to run.  But seriously, I can’t understand the pleasure of getting soaking wet while I exercise.
  • Rain has broken for a bit, so I’m taking the kids on a walk.  I should have started my 30 Day Shred workout today, but I’m feeling too lazy.   At least I’m getting outside, right?  And I won’t be wet.

Until next time…

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