Perhaps I should have been more specific.

April 28, 2009 at 10:03 am 1 comment

A few posts back, I mentioned I’d be kicking my little “black cloud of bad health” to the curb upon it’s one year anniversary of hanging over my head.    I should have mentioned the cloud should leave my household as well.    On Sunday night, after a great afternoon of hiking and geocaching, we ended up here again:


(yes, that’s the old photo from last time.)

No, it wasn’t me with the injury this time around, though I would have taken the pain for her if I could have.    My daughter fell and cracked open her lip, and off to the ER we went.   Apparently the wonderful warm weather had everyone outside falling off of stuff, because the place was packed!

I was so proud of her!   She didn’t fuss as we waited hours to be seen, even though we didn’t arrive at the ER until her bedtime.    No complaints while we waited in the room for the lidocaine to numb her face, and not even a whimper as the dr. added 3 stitches to her upper lip.   She was a real trooper, and all the doctors and nurses were impressed with her behavior.   She left with a handful of stickers and a blown-up rubber glove that made a great balloon, rooster comb, and cow udder.

She’s fine, and her lip is healing nicely, thank goodness!  Plus, she got a kick out of showing off the stitches at school yesterday.    And apparently it felt good enough that she could eat peanuts and chocolate caramel corn at the Reds game last night, so I think she’s on her way.

Now…black cloud GO AWAY!

Until next time…


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  • 1. Kim  |  April 28, 2009 at 3:53 pm

    Ouch! I have a scar from similar stitches.

    We have not had to make an ER run like that yet. Now that I have said it, that black cloud is probably floating my way!


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