Gone fishin’: Life uninterrupted

August 18, 2008 at 6:06 pm Leave a comment

I’ve always loved that old “Gone Fishin’ ” sign I always used to see hanging on the door of quaint shops in old TV shows.   That little notice that life was too much fun and needed to be lived in the moment.   Last week, I hung one of those little signs on the scrapcave door and went out to enjoy life.   It seems like summer ends earlier and earlier each year, and as much as I love fall, I wasn’t ready to bid summer goodbye just yet.

The kids and I spent a long weekend in North Carolina with my friend Niki, and let the kiddos play.   They hadn’t seen each other since Niki moved in May, and had a ball playing together.   Surprisingly, the kiddos were fantastic. I had been dreading the drive alone with all three, but they were amazing travelers.   Aside from the logistics of getting all of us in and out of the bathroom for necessary stops, the drive was great.   Except for the 50 minutes I spent parked on the expressway for construction. EACH WAY.   Oh, and the swerving truck I had a bad feeling about colliding with the cement median barrier right where I used to be before I passed him.   But the kids?   Perfect.   Amazing.

Found all necessary school supplies at great prices. I’m not sure why I get such a sense of satisfaction from buying 22c crayons and 5c notebooks, but I do.   I now have enough to last us until the last one graduates, even after donating more than 2/3 of it all.   We’ll see if I can resist the free glue that I don’t need this week.

Made a batch of homemade salsa from tomatoes and peppers fresh from the garden.   Oh so tasty with whole grain tortilla chips from Trader Joe’s.

Drove to Lexington on Saturday, when a wonderful friend’s daughter tied the knot.   The service and reception were beautiful, and the bride stunning. Though I felt a wee bit ancient when I realized this was the first wedding I’ve attended where I’m friends with the bride’s mother rather than the bride herself.   EEK!

The wedding also gave me a chance to chat and catch up with another scrap friend, Barb.   I’m a regular follower of Barb’s blog, as she’s a fantastically funny writer and a heck of a photographer to boot.   Though I felt woefully inadequate having chosen to pop the pocket camera in my purse rather than the dSLR, I got to watch the photographers (Deb and Grant) and Barb talking shop, trying lenses, and figuring out they probably hung out in the same room at the same time in college and never met.    Small world.    Cool stuff.

Check out Barb’s link for some better photos of the wedding.

While the calendar says it’s still summer for a few more weeks, our summer officially ends tomorrow, with the arrival of the big yellow bus to the driveway.   School begins, and my nose must be replaced back to the grindstone.

Until then, I’m going to nibble on some Ikea hazelnut chocolate, sip an icy cold diet sundrop I brought back from the Carolinas and hop outside to enjoy the sunshine.

Hope you are enjoying it too!

Until next time…


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